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 i hope you'll enjoy the stuff on this website. i use it as a blog and online portfolio. i try to show as lot of my creative work as possible. it is a great option to issue a statement of my work too. i'd be happy about an e-mail with comments or questions - feel free.



 <reduced to the max> is a sentence of my chilhood. my mother used it often and i never really understood it. in february 2013 a teacher of mine said it again, while we were in a discussion about a project of mine because i did not understand that in this particularly case, less was more. the sentense hit me like a punch.

it happened in a stressful period, i couldn't see clearly anymore. it was the first time in my creative work that i had troubles in taking decisions. i began to ask myself what aesthetics were and if it was justifiabel to just take intuitive desicions in art and design as a communication medium.

<reduced to the max> made me think alot and i somehow got back to myself threw it. i think that the conviction makes it readable and it is the insight that this something is only one of thousands of possibilities of interpretate and communicate states of mind that makes it reduced to the max.